Hong Kong ’13

[A late entry (as the trip was back in January) but an entry nonetheless.]

Right in the middle of a busy semester, I jumped at the chance to travel to Hong Kong. With no parents, no siblings, I (literally) flew solo; and gosh darn, I had an amazing time. I stayed at the pretty snazzy Holiday Inn – Golden Mile (who had one of the best breakfast buffets ever *cough*unlimited waffles*cough*) along Nathan Road, which made several shopping areas accessible. It was the center of it all, really. I mean, I was just walking around, getting lost? probably, then poof. I found the Hong Kong Space Museum out in the back, Sheraton right across, and a harbor. I was quite the wanderlust-er, you see, and in this city I did a lot of walking, and riding trains, going as far as the New Territories, and their buses, their cool, two-story buses. I did the whole traveling, do-as-they-do experience. Counting off the numerous McDonald’s and 7eleven trips, I basked in the different culture and all the freedom I had for that brief moment.

Hong Kong is a beautiful city and I can’t wait to be back there.


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